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While at Mightybytes, I have been the front-end developer on 40+ websites and web applications, and the primary UX/interaction designer on over a dozen projects. Clients I've worked with include Allstate, Kaplan, YMCA, Chicago Children's Choir, The Joffrey Ballet, and School of Rock.

Some Web Projects I've Worked On

Case Studies


Cures Within Reach
What I Did:
UX, Component Design, Information Architecture, Front-End Development
Laravel, Blade Templates

Cures Within Reach is a leader in medical repurposing research. They connect researchers and clinicians with philanthropic funders to facilitate medical research that saves lives. CWR hired Mightybytes to create an online platform to aid their process and more easily connect the researchers, clinicians, and funders they work with.

As a team we worked very closely with CWR to understand their process, their users, and their vision for the product that would become known as CureAccelerator. As the UX/Interaction Designer on the project, I took on the daunting task of documenting and refining the complex user flow, from the creation of project proposals and RFPs to the peer review and funding processes.

I created interfaces to facilitate these user tasks and present a large amount of information to users in a structured, measured way. These interfaces included customizable dashboards, onboarding, complex multi-page forms, discussion boards, user account settings, and notification emails. This involved creating and rapidly iterating through wireframes, as well as iterating in the built app itself during alpha and beta testing periods.

An example of a complex flowchart I created for the project A wireframe of one of the CureAccelerator project screens A screenshot from the finished CureAccelerator app

I was also the front-end developer for the project, and utilized my own front-end framework in order to start with smart defaults and consistent measurements. The project was built in Laravel, so I gained experience working with Blade templates for presentation, and with the MVC structure of Laravel in general. Finally, while I was not the primary visual designer for the project, I did aid in decisions on color, typography, and layout; and extrapolated on the style guides created by our visual designer in order to rapidly create new interface designs that were visually consistent with the rest of the project.

Since the launch of CureAccelerator, the platform has raised a collective total of nearly $1M for clinical treatment repurposing projects.

Learn more about CureAccelerator on Mightybytes’ website or at the CureAccelerator website.

Greater Public Website and Resource Library

Greater Public
What I Did:
User Research, Component Design, Front-End Development

Greater Public provides support to local public media stations by providing resources for fundraising and content creation. Their existing website was difficult to navigate, contained a lot of outdated content, and used an outdated and cumbersome content management system.

Much of the project was content strategy and information architecture. Where I came in was the design of pages and components for the website. Along with the rest of the Mightybytes team I identified the various patterns in their content and designed display patterns to present them to users. Greater Public had recently created a brand style guide, which I used in making style decisions when designing these patterns.

A wireframe of the Greater Public Member Resource section A screenshot from the finished Greater Public Member Resource section
A wireframe of a Greater Public Member Resource page A screenshot from a finished Greater Public Member Resource page

One of our goals was to organize their massive resource library and provide a user interface that would make it easy for their users (staff at public media stations) to find the resources they needed. I created interactive prototypes in HTML/CSS and we conducted user tests, interviews, and click tests with dozens of real users. This allowed us to verify some of our assumptions and refute others, and refine the design to optimize for users’ needs.

Read more about the Greater Public website project at Mightybytes or visit the new Greater Public website.